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Project Services

Project Services

We help you find the right international partners for your engineering, infrastructure and development projects. We also manage the delivery of your international project teams. Learn about the latest project opportunities in Egypt, or contact us to discuss your project requirements and how we can help.


We build consortia and partnerships of British and Egyptian firms to bid for projects and opportunities in Egypt and the MENA region, where international technical expertise and best practice, and sustainable technologies and solutions can make a significant and meaningful contribution to ambitious and substantial investments in engineering, construction and infrastructure projects.

We have built a wide professional network of capable and reputable clients and partners in the UK and Europe, as well as in Egypt and the MENA region. We rely on our network to identify the most suitable international partners for your projects, and you can be assured of the quality and integrity of our recommended partner. You will always retain control on who you partner with.

In case your chosen partner does not come from our network, we are able to evaluate contractors, consultants and service providers in the UK, Europe, Egypt and the MENA region, to satisfy you about the competence, reputation and track record of your prospective partners, and flag any issues as early as possible.

Project Management

Once a partnership is established, we coordinate and manage the delivery of your international projects. We manage multi-disciplinary teams in multi-cultural environments, and we manage project risks, stakeholders, project interface and communication in international projects.

We manage the quality of work and delivery progress of local partners in Egypt and MENA, as well as international partners in the UK and Europe. We ensure that work is delivered to the agreed quality standards and within the agreed timeframe.


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  • 4 Al Obour Buildings
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About Us

London-based consultancy specialised in transferring British and European expertise to Egypt and the MENA region. We provide business insights, we track and manage projects, and we enable our clients to access new opportunities, whilst mitigating their risks.