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International Growth

International Growth

Whether you are a British, European or international firm considering business in Egypt and the MENA region, or an Egyptian, Middle Eastern or African firm looking to establish a platform for international growth in the UK, we provide you with low-risk routes into your target markets, whilst saving you money and time, and ensuring your compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Please contact us to learn how we can support your international growth plans.

In-country Representation

Our in-country representation services enable our clients to establish presence and do business in the UK and in Egypt, while mitigating exposure to local market business risk, minimising financial expenditure, and saving staff travel time and cost.

We offer our in-country representation services in the UK and in Egypt. The scope of services varies depending on our clients’ requirements and needs. We represent your business in meetings, conferences and events; we report to you on opportunities and contacts; and we give you access to our high-quality network.

Our services are bespoke and flexible, to ensure you receive the right service to support your growth plans, and maintain the flexibility to expand or reduce the service, as these plans evolve and change.

International Office

Our international office service are designed to support our clients’ entry into the UK and Egyptian markets, thus establishing a solid platform for growth in the UK, Europe, MENA and internationally.

We take the risk out of establishing your business at the heart of the international business scene in London or at the heart of the MENA region, in Cairo. We set up your company in the UK or in Egypt, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, so you can focus on growing your business globally.

Establishing your company in the UK gives you several advantages, including support from the British government and from nearly 200 commercial offices worldwide, while establishing your company in Egypt enables you to access the emerging opportunities in Egypt, as well as high growth markets in the Middle East and Africa.


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About Us

London-based consultancy specialised in transferring British and European expertise to Egypt and the MENA region. We provide business insights, we track and manage projects, and we enable our clients to access new opportunities, whilst mitigating their risks.